Potholes in sidewalks pose big risks for pedestrians

| Apr 13, 2018 | Premises Liability

You count on the sidewalks to be safe for walking when you are out and about in town. When there are defects in the sidewalk, such as potholes, they become more of a liability instead of a benefit. There are some very real risks that come with potholes in sidewalks. If you ever walk around, make sure that you are aware of these.

A pothole can be a trip hazard. You might not see that it exists and your foot might get caught on the edge. There is a chance that you might suffer a considerable injury, such as a twisted ankle or a broken bone. In some cases, brain injuries or neck injuries might occur.

When it rains, a pothole on the sidewalk might hold water. This can be hazardous because it might camouflage the depth of the pothole so that you can’t accurately gauge the depth. There is also the possibility that the water might become discolored and make it impossible to realize the hole is present.

Access might be restricted due to a pothole. If the pothole is large enough, you might have to walk in the street to get access to where you need to go. This is dangerous because it opens up the chance that you will be struck by a vehicle.

The issue of potholes on sidewalks can become a premises liability issue if someone gets hurt during his or her walk. If this is the case for you, make sure you get the medical care you need and then take action to recover your financial losses.

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