Air bags in your vehicle are important but can also harm

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2018 | Car Accidents

One of the most important safety features that you will find in the interior of vehicles today is the air bag. Many cars have more than one of these. While it is true that they do serve an important purpose, it is also true that they can be dangerous in some cases, such as when children sit in the front seat. Many people don’t realize this so they use the air bags without giving them another thought.

When you are involved in a crash, a series of sensors work together to determine if the air bag must deploy. If it does, there is a chance that you might suffer from injuries caused by the inflation. One of these is that your face and upper chest might be exposed to the chemicals that cause the reaction that inflates the airbag. This can cause injuries to those areas, which can be devastating.

Many other issues can come from air bags. They might not inflate when they should, which could lead to you being injured on the steering wheel, dash or other surface. They might inflate when they don’t need to. There is also a chance that they will inflate with too much force, which could jar your body and lead to whiplash.

In all of these cases that involve injuries from air bags, the victims need to determine who to hold accountable for the injuries. This might be the driver of the other vehicle, the vehicle manufacturer or the airbag manufacturer. Once you determine this, you can move forward with a claim for compensation for the damages caused by the airbag.