Motorcycle wreck victims likely need extensive medical care

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents

Summer is the season when the most motorcycles are out on the roads. These bikers deserve to be able to make it home safely at the end of their ride. Unfortunately, there are drivers on the roads who aren’t willing to slow down just a little bit and watch for motorcyclists. These inattentive drivers put the bikers at great risk.

There isn’t any reason for a motorcyclist to get injured or killed because a driver doesn’t want to be bothered by safety. When a motorcycle is struck by a motor vehicle, the person on the motorcycle typically suffers very serious injuries to the neck, back, or head. These traumatic injuries can impact the victims for years to come.

Victims of motorcycle crashes will likely need extensive medical care. This can involve long, costly stays in the hospital and the injured rider having to take off work and be unable to earn a living. These factors can make life difficult for bikers injured in auto crashes. Coupled with the pain from their injuries, their lives can get even more complicated.

When you are injured in a motorcycle wreck because a negligent driver slammed into you, seeking compensation might help you to recover the monetary damages from the injuries you suffered. Our attorneys can help you assemble a strong and legally-viable case so that you can get it filed before the statute of limitations runs out. New York law sets specific time limits for these cases, so make sure that you get things moving quickly or else you might miss your opportunity to do so.