New York has specific laws to keep pedestrians safe

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2018 | Car Accidents

Pedestrian safety has to be a priority for everyone. Having clear guidelines and rules for the interaction between people who are walking and those who are driving can help to improve the safety of everyone.

The New York State Pedestrian Safety Action Plan is one way that this state is trying to combat pedestrian accident. It has several important reminders for anyone who is on the roads.

First, pedestrians have to remain aware of what is going on around them, especially when they are going to cross the street. They shouldn’t ever text or do anything that is going to take their attention away from walking when they need to cross the street.

Second, knowing how a crosswalk works is imperative. Here are some important rules to remember:

  • Crosswalks with traffic control devices: The signals must be obeyed by all parties.
  • Crosswalks without traffic control devices: The pedestrian always has the right of way.
  • No crosswalk present: The motor vehicles have the right of way.

Third, people who are walking must walk on the sidewalks when those are present. In the absence of sidewalks, they must walk as far to the left of the road as possible and walk facing traffic.

Fourth, it doesn’t matter who has the right of way in a situation, drivers have to do what they can to avoid hitting a pedestrian. This requires that drivers always maintain proper attention to their driving duties.

Finally, there is an average pedestrian rate of 300 deaths per year. This is a tragedy that can often be prevented if everyone just takes their time and pays attention. For pedestrians who are injured in an accident, medical care is a priority. Once that is obtained, they might decide to seek compensation.