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Premises liability after an attack in your rented home

The presence of violence has become an unfortunate reality for many Americans, including those who live in New York. Victims of these attacks suffer deep wounds in a range of different ways. There are the physical injuries to cope with as well as the mental and emotional trauma that accompanies a personal attack. Who is to blame when assault occurs and what can victims do to take back a measure of control over their lives.

Unfortunately, assault in the home brings far too many victims to our offices, each one of them desperate for help. They want to understand how and why such a thing happened in a place where they should safe. We know that our answers are not always enough to help these victims cope with their injuries. However, by offering them legal solutions, the healing can begin and victims can indeed achieve more of a sense of control over their lives.

Beyond the attacker, property owners may share some of the blame when a victim suffers an attack in the home they rent because landlords have a duty to make the property safe for tenants. A premises liability claim built around issues involving inadequate security often brings victims the closure they need. For example, say a landlord fails to repair tenant complaints of broken door or window locks. If someone breaks in through a lockless door or window and attacks the tenant, the victim may hold the landlord legally responsible in a premises liability action.

We understand that a legal solution cannot solve all of the problems assault victims face. However, legal action can help injured victims feel empowered and provide them with enough financial compensation to make their lives better. Visit our website if you need additional information about premises liability.

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