Factors that may affect your ability to make a car accident claim

| Sep 26, 2018 | Car Accidents

When your car has sustained damages or if you have suffered injuries after a car accident in the state of New York, one of the first things to do after returning home safely is to look into your insurance claim possibilities. Doing this can feel confusing and overwhelming at times, and you may wonder if you can make a claim at all.

It is usually possible to make some type of insurance claim as a driver; however, it depends on the exact circumstances. It is important, therefore, that you understand the factors that might influence your ability to make a claim.

Can I make a claim if I was not wearing a seat belt in the state of New York?

The state of New York is a no-fault state; therefore, you will be able to file for damages with your insurance company to a certain extent regardless of fault. However, if the injury was very serious, it might limit your ability to make a large claim.

Can my medical records be used against me?

You should never give another insurance provider information about your medical records, since they may be able to use this information to manipulate your claim. It is usually best to keep this information private.

Should I acknowledge when I think I was at fault for the car accident?

Fault should be assessed objectively through the investigations of the insurance companies. Therefore, it is important not to admit fault because it could be to your disadvantage.

If you are concerned about being able to make a claim after you sustained damages in a New York car accident, it is important to take action.