Safety during seasonal farm visits is important for visitors

| Sep 19, 2018 | Premises Liability

For some individuals, one of the rights of passage during the autumn months is going on a hayride or visiting a farm. From pumpkin patches and hayrides to haunted houses and corn mazes, farmers use the pull of the cooler months and harvest season to attract visitors. It is imperative that the person who is hosting these events take the time to ensure that people taking part in the activities are safe.

There are many reasons why patrons might suffer injuries at the event. Inadequate training, poor crowd control and lax safety features are some of the primary hazards that can haunt these events. Trying to avoid or eliminate these should be a top priority.

One thing that anyone hosting a hayride needs to do is to inspect the rig and the route. Rough terrain isn’t an ideal setting for a time when people will be riding on a trailer on bails of hay. Having a tractor that can pull the trailer and the weight of the visitors is important. Ideally, it needs to be able to do so as smoothly as possible to prevent jerking motions from knocking people off the trailer.

Only people who are properly trained should be permitted to drive the tractor that is pulling the trailer. They must strictly follow the approved route. When the hosts are planning that route, they must make sure that emergency vehicles can access every part of it so that if someone does suffer an injury, they can get there quickly.

For people who are injured on farm visits, including hayrides and other events, the need to seek compensation is sometimes evident. There isn’t a reason why an innocent night of fun should mean expensive medical bills and time off work.