What you should know about sobriety checkpoints in New York

| Oct 31, 2018 | dui/dwi

Multiple times throughout the year, there will be checkpoints put in place to catch drivers who might be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These can pop up just about anywhere throughout Long Island and the rest of New York. Do you know what to expect when pulled into a DUI checkpoint? If not, it’s time to learn all about the DUI checkpoint so you are prepared.

First, it’s important not to turn around and drive away from a checkpoint. This will only raise the suspicion of the officers that you could be impaired while behind the wheel.

As you enter the checkpoint, you need to follow all the orders given by the officer. Do not question why there is a checkpoint or why you are being pulled into it. If the officer tells you to remain in the vehicle, do so. If you are told to exit the vehicle, do that.

Be prepared to provide the officer with your auto insurance paperwork, registration for the vehicle and your driver’s license. If you are missing any of these documents it could lead to a hefty ticket.

The officer will be monitoring your speech and your eyes for signs of inebriation. You will be asked questions. If you cannot answer them truthfully, you might be in line for sobriety tests.

Do not refuse any of the field sobriety tests the officer wishes to perform. This will result in an automatic arrest. Even if you know you are sober, perform the tests to show the officer you are not impaired.

Drunk driving is a charge that you don’t want to fight alone. If you are ever faced with a DUI charge, it’s important to have an attorney with experience on your side. Make sure you know the DUI laws of New York so you are prepared for what’s to come.