4 ways drivers can stop cutting off motorcycles

| Nov 23, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents happen for a lot of different reasons, but one of the most common is when a truck or a car turns left in front of the bike. This causes the larger vehicle to cross the opposing traffic lane. A motorcycle in that lane would strike the side of the car, possibly at full highway speeds, with no way to avoid the crash.

Remember, riders who get cut off like this can be killed in these accidents. They’re incredibly dangerous and far too common. Here are four things that drivers can do to prevent them:

  • Keep your attention on the road. Never look down or allow distractions to pull your eyes away. Never turn without being 100 percent certain that the way is clear.
  • Take it slow. If you have to wait for traffic to clear, stop completely. Take a moment to scan the road for any motorcycles and then make the turn.
  • Practice patience. A lot of these accidents happen because drivers try to rush it. If you have to press the gas pedal to the floor to get across the lane in time, that’s too close. Just wait for a larger gap.
  • Be mindful of motorcycles. Drivers often cut them off because they spend their time looking for larger vehicles, and they can look right at motorcycles without seeing them. It’s a minor error for a driver, who may not get injured, but it’s a devastating and tragic error for a motorcyclist who gets seriously injured or killed.

If a driver fails to take these steps and hits you on your motorcycle, make sure you know how to seek compensation.