Autumn motorcycle accidents: hazards

| Nov 2, 2018 | Firm News

November is here, which means fall is in full swing. Many motorcyclist accidents occur in the fall due to dangers that one may not think about when riding. What are the biggest dangers to motorcyclists in the fall and how can you avoid them?


It is hunting season, which means animals will cross busy roads with more frequency. If a deer runs in front of a car, it will likely roll off the windshield, often leaving the driver and passengers shaken but unscathed. If a deer runs out in front of you while you are on your motorcycle, there is little shielding you from the blow. These accidents can be perilous for riders, as they often occur at high speeds.

To do your best to avoid an accident with a deer, watch out for signs that signify deer or animal crossings. When you see these, slow down and watch the sides of the road for possible deer. If you see one, brake hard but do not try to swerve out of the way, as this can make you more likely to crash.

Falling leaves

Fall is known for leaves falling on the ground, lighting up the streets with beautiful fall colors. This can prove hazardous for motorcyclists, as anything on the ground can cause an accident. Loose leaves and wet leaves can make it difficult for your wheels to keep traction on the road and for you to maintain control of the bike.

If you can avoid large patches of leaves, do so. By staying out of the way, you can be sure to avoid an accident of this nature. If the leaves are all over the road and you have no choice but to ride over them, slow down and try not to make sharp turns.

Other drivers

Many motorcyclists choose to put their bike in storage when the weather starts to cool down. Because of this, drivers of cars may not remember to keep an eye out for individuals on a motorcycle. Sideswipes and left or right turns are common accident types between cars and motorcyclists.

The best way to stay out of an accident with a car, and to keep yourself safe, is to ride defensively. Some motorcyclists find it helpful to assume that no drivers see them, which can help keep them in a defensive frame of mind.

This fall, remember to watch out for the hazards on the road while you are out on your bike. Making sure to keep yourself safe is essential.