How to deal with an aggressive driver

| Nov 7, 2018 | motor vehicle accidents

You understand the importance of sharing the road with others. You also understand that disagreements can happen when you’re behind the wheel. Even if you take extra caution, there’s a chance you’ll come in contact with an aggressive driver at some point.

You can take many steps to deal with an aggressive driver, all with the idea of removing yourself from a difficult situation. Do the following:

  • Don’t do anything to add fuel to the fire, such as using hand gestures to show your displeasure with the situation
  • Avoid eye contact and focus on the road
  • Create as much space as possible between your vehicle and their vehicle
  • Don’t take matters into your own hands by blocking the other driver or racing them
  • If the driver begins to follow you, never go home

Most aggressive drivers will leave you alone if you don’t pay attention to them, but instead, focus on the road. It’s when you yell back, throw up your hands and act in an aggressive manner yourself that can lead to additional trouble.

There are times when aggressive drivers take things too far, thus causing a serious motor vehicle accident. For example, this can happen on the highway if someone gets mad and cuts off your vehicle at a high speed.

If you’re part of an accident with an aggressive driver, don’t confront them face-to-face. Call 911 to discuss the situation and to request police assistance. Once an officer arrives, they can take control of the scene as they learn more about the accident.

Once you receive treatment, consider your legal options for holding the aggressive driver responsible for causing the crash.