How to defend yourself after an assault accusation

| Nov 30, 2018 | criminal defense

If you have been accused of assault in the state of New York, you will need to act fast in order to adequately defend yourself. Assault charges can come with serious consequences that could affect the rest of your life, therefore, it is vital that you are not complacent.

Assault defendants tend to have many questions about how to be successful. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions in regard to assault defense in the state of New York.

Where do I start once I have received the accusation?

You should start by carefully analyzing the offense that you have been accused of. The papers that you receive may be difficult to understand; therefore, it is a good idea to take your time and to read carefully. You should then think about what really happened from your perspective, and write everything down so that you can refer back to your notes in the future.

How can witnesses help my defense?

If the incident occurred in a public place, for example, in a nightclub or a bar, it is likely that many people were present to witness it. These people can have key roles in giving an objective view of the situation. By getting in touch with people who were at the scene, you may be able to successfully have charges dismissed.

How urgently should I take action?

You should waste no time in taking action, because a defense needs to be carefully planned. Make sure that you conduct thorough research on the law in New York so that you have a good understanding of the process.