Prevent most car accidents and injuries by following these tips

| Nov 21, 2018 | Car Accidents

At our law firm, we have seen so many kinds of car accidents that we’ve become experts on the causes and conditions that result in accidents and injuries on the road. For this reason, we’d like to offer a bit of advice that — if all New York drivers followed it — we could eradicate nearly all automobile-related accidents.

As personal injury attorneys, here are two things you can do right now to decrease your chances of getting into a crash:

Follow all the rules of the road

Motorists who adhere to traffic laws are less likely to get into an accident and — if they do get into a crash — they will suffer less severe injuries. Take speed limits for example. When a motorist follows the speed limit, he or she will maintain better control of the vehicle and have an improved ability to avoid potential accidents. Due to the slower speeds, if a collision happens, the damages will be far less.

Keep your cellphone out of reach

Using a smartphone causes a driver to take his or her eyes off the road, and this can lead to devastating accidents, deaths and injuries. By keeping your cellphone out of reach, you won’t be tempted to become a distracted diver.

There are many more things drivers can do to avoid accidents and injuries — like keeping their cars maintained and always using safety belts. If you do these things and drive defensively, you’ll become a part of the solution rather than the problem.

Finally, another way to help make the roads safer is to hold negligent, unlawful and reckless drivers who cause accidents criminally liable and financially accountable for the accidents and injuries they cause. If you were hurt in a crash due to no fault of your own, our law office can help.