This is why you need a defense for alleged sex crimes

| Nov 27, 2018 | criminal defense

Most states across the nation take an aggressive approach to allegations involving sex crimes. New York is certainly not an exception, as our state has a long history of prosecuting defendants for crimes involving unlawful sexual contact.

In some cases, defendants did not even know they were under investigation until they were arrested. This can hamper any viable defense, as the hapless defendants were unaware that they committed any crimes.

Regardless of your guilt or innocence, it is wise to take all criminal allegations seriously. Your very first step should be retaining a criminal defense attorney with a good record of helping defendants fight the charges they face. This can often make all the difference in the trajectory of a criminal case.

For example, if your alleged criminal act involves engaging in sexual contact with a minor, your lawyer might be able to have the charges against you reduced or thrown out altogether. One way this could happen is by proving that you had no knowledge that the purported victim was still a minor. Perhaps the two of you met in a club and the victim was drinking liquor on the premises. If the individual’s fake ID fooled the bartender and the doorman, it is not that great a leap to establish that you were equally unaware of the person’s true age.

The possible consequences of a sex crime conviction should prompt defendants to seek a strong criminal defense even if they are innocent. In addition to costly fines, a conviction could mean a lengthy prison sentence, as well as lost personal relationships and tremendous damage to one’s reputation. It is much wiser to ask for help than it is to let the matter unfold without representation.