Do loud motorcycle pipes help prevent accidents?

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents

As a motorcyclist, you probably have two primary goals: (1) enjoy yourself as much as possible while riding and (2) avoid getting into a serious accident. Chances are, you have the first goal covered, or you wouldn’t be the owner of a bike. That leaves you with goal number “2” being paramount, and there are many theories about accident prevention. One such theory — which is highly debated — relates to noisy tailpipes.

Many people disagree about the safety benefits of noisy motorcycle tailpipesSome claim that a loud motorcycle tailpipe can prevent you from getting into an accident.

In fact, the topic is very controversial. There are motorcyclists who say that anything a motorcyclist can do to get the attention of other drivers on the road — wearing hot-pink, donning reflective gear or having a pulsing headlamp — will help avoid a serious accident on the road. Many of these people say that a noisy tailpipe will also help alert drivers to the presence of a motorcyclist. There is even a saying, “Loud pipes save lives,” that’s popular among bikers.

However, there are many who disagree with this idea — even among motorcyclists. Anti-noise pollution activists say that the sound of loud pipes is a nuisance to society. Some have also proposed the idea that a loud tailpipe will frighten and distract people — which may actually cause an accident!

Is there any way to get to the truth about loud tailpipes?

Based on statistics, there’s no definitive proof that noisy tailpipes save lives. However, many experienced riders — who have noisy tailpipes — will attest that revving up their motors is a good way to gain attention from drivers who don’t see them.

At the end of the day, as long as your tailpipes are legal, why not choose a noisy one? Perhaps the veteran riders of the world know what they’re talking about. Considering that many drivers have their noses buried in their smartphones, noise might be the only way you have of getting your fellow motorist’s attention.

If you’ve done your best to avoid a crash on a motorcycle, but you were hurt by a negligent, distracted or reckless driver, learn more about your legal right to pursue a lawsuit before it’s too late.