How can motorcyclists increase their visibility?

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists have many disadvantages in terms of safety and injury prevention during a vehicular accident. Some of these disadvantages worsen the injuries suffered by the motorcyclist, while others leave a motorcyclist more prone to getting into a crash. One of the issues that leaves motorcyclists vulnerable to crashes relates to visibility.

The more visible someone is on the road, the less likely a motorist is going to accidentally strike them. As you might imagine, a large sport utility vehicle is more visible and easier to avoid than a small motorcycle that could be hidden behind an SUV. This creates a double-threat: Motorcyclists are both more likely to get into crashes because we can’t see them, and when a crash occurs since they don’t provide any kind of injury protection, and riders are likely to get catastrophically hurt.

This is why one of the most important crash and injury prevention measures motorcyclists can take is to increase their visibility. Here are five things motorcyclists can do to be more visible on the road:

  • Choose a bright-colored motorcycle.
  • Wear bright-colored and reflective safety gear like reflective motorcycle helmets, armored jackets and pants.
  • Apply copious amounts of reflective tape to your helmet, your bike and your favorite riding gear.
  • Don’t ride in the blind spots around vehicles. This generally means that you should give cars as much space around them as you can.
  • Tap your brakes to warn other drivers that you’re about to slow down.
  • By a high-visibility headlight and install auxiliary lighting.

The above visibility improvement tips will help you be more visible to other motorists on the road while you’re operating your motorcycle. If you still get hurt in a crash in spite of your most responsible efforts to stay safe, you might want to talk with a personal injury lawyer who represents motorcycle accident victims.