What are the most serious sex crimes in New York?

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2018 | criminal defense

Before going forward, you need to understand that all sex offenses are considered serious in New York and in other states as well. Because all alleged crimes have unique elements, it is difficult to say that one offense is more serious than another is. To have such a determination made, you would be wise to take your case before a criminal defense lawyer. This way, you can acquire a full review of your case with your attorney informing you about how serious your charges are.

The metropolitan areas of New York have an unfortunate history of criminal activity, including sex-related offenses. As you might imagine, lawmakers are typically very interested in addressing these problem areas and prosecutors aggressively pursue a conviction when a sex crime case lands before them.

While most sex offenses have degrees of seriousness, the following list should give you some idea of serious sex-related crimes prosecutable in the state. If you are facing any of these charges, it is your right to seek a criminal defense lawyer who can help you overcome at least some of the charges against you.

  • First-, second- and third-degree rape
  • Aggravated sexual abuse (first-, second-, third- or fourth-degree)
  • Attempting to lure, or successfully luring, a child
  • Sexual conduct against a minor child
  • Predatory sexual assault against a minor child
  • Engaging in first, second- or third-degree incest

The sex crimes listed above are all felony offenses, which means facing harsh consequences for conviction, which will negatively affect your life for many years. Defendants facing these and other sex-related charges have a chance to change their futures for the better if they find legal counsel to fight for their rights and for their freedom.