What are the primary categories of damages after an injury?

| Dec 27, 2018 | personal injury

Personal injury law covers a wide variety of circumstances, such as car accidents, boat accidents, elevator accidents, slip-and-fall injuries, pool drownings and dog attacks. However, even though the situations differ, in most personal injury lawsuits, plaintiffs will focus on recovering the same categories of damages. These categories include the following, in alphabetical order:

Disfigurement: These damages relate to the deformation of one’s physical appearance and the psychological turmoil, physical pain and career damages that could result from this disfigurement.

Medical expenses: Injured victims of accidents will usually incur large medical bills and they will likely incur future medical expenses as well.

Household services costs: Many plaintiffs need to hire a home services aid to assist with various duties in the home like cleaning, cooking and other tasks.

Loss of consortium: These damages relate to the loss of relationship with one’s spouse, lost household services in addition to other damages related to one’s spouse in the event that one spouse gets hurt and the other spouse is okay.

Lost enjoyment of life: This relates to the decline in life enjoyment that happens after a spouse dies.

Lost wages, lost earning capacity and disability: These damages are related to the loss in income suffered by the injured person and his or her family both now and into the future.

Permanent disability: When someone is no longer able to work due to permanent injuries, the plaintiff can claim money to compensate for the lost income that results.

Punitive damages: In cases of severe wrongdoing, plaintiffs might be able to seek punitive damages.

Were you hurt in an accident due to the fault of a negligent or wrongfully-acting party? You may want to pursue some of the above-referenced financial damages by filing a lawsuit in New York civil court.