Ford recalls nearly 1 million more cars for air bag dangers

| Jan 8, 2019 | motor vehicle accidents

Takata air bag scandal has been in the news for over a decade. So far, we know that 23 people have died from defective Takata-made air bags, and millions upon millions of cars have been recalled. These recalls do not appear like they will end any time soon. The most recent one, in January 2019, involved another 953,000 Ford vehicles.

In this recall, 782,384 vehicles were recalled in the United States and 149,652 were recalled in Canada. These recalled vehicles, like all Takata recalls, are in danger of an air bag explosion. According to news reports, an ammonium nitrate solution, which causes an explosion that initiates the air bag inflation process, is changed by long-term exposure to hot weather and humid conditions. This results in an explosion with too much force.

This might not be a problem if it weren’t for the metal canister designed to contain the inflation blast. The canisters are not designed to contain this much force, and they can break apart, sending hot metal shrapnel into the vehicles. The situation can be deadly for drivers and passengers in the event of an explosion.

Ford is not the only automaker to recall vehicles with Takata air bags in recent years. No matter what kind of vehicle was involved in your collision, if you or a family member were hurt by a defective air bag, you may want to learn more about this issue in the context of New York personal injury law. Our law firm can help you evaluate whether a viable cause of action exists to pursue financial compensation in court relating to your injuries.