Premises liability cases must be handled swifty

| Jan 11, 2019 | Premises Liability

The winter months in New York are filled with snow and other wintry precipitation. This can pose a hazard for customers of businesses because of the risk of slipping and falling while entering the stores. Falls on these slick surfaces can lead to very serious injuries that can cause significant impacts on a person’s life. Because there is often an element of negligence in these cases, the victim of slip-and-fall accidents might decide to hold the business accountable for their lapses.

We know how difficult these situations are for the people who suffer injuries. Unfortunately, the victim isn’t the only person who suffers in these cases. Their family members can also experience adverse effects due to the accident. One reason for this is that the victim might not be able to go to work, which negatively impacts the household by reducing the resources needed to keep it running smoothly.

There are times when a victim’s injuries might be so serious that the person needs personal care assistance. This can be taxing for the family members who now have to help their loved one do everything. The emotional and physical demands of this type of caregiving can be taxing.

For the victims of these accidents, knowing their options and rights must be a priority. Coming up with a plan quickly is imperative since you have limited time to handle these matters. We are here to help you work through the process and get your case moving forward. We know that you shouldn’t have to cover the financial costs of a company’s negligence and will help you seek the compensation you deserve.