Your landlord could be liable for injuries on the property

| Jan 3, 2019 | Premises Liability

On any property, there are things that could constitute a hazard. For example, having a fireplace is fantastic for warming a home, but there is a risk of smoke inhalation and fires if the chute isn’t cleaned and inspected regularly.

As a tenant who has moved into a property, you need to understand that your landlord could be liable if you’re hurt on the property. Premises liability laws make it possible to file a claim if you’re hurt, so you can seek medical care and receive compensation for lost wages and other financial losses.

Do landlords have a responsibility to protect tenants against fires?

Tenants have a right to live in a safe home. That means that the landlord has to make sure that the electrical units in the home are up to code. They also need to know that all devices are installed properly and that building codes are met. However, if a tenant starts a fire through negligence, the landlord won’t necessarily be liable. It’s in those cases that the tenant should have renter’s insurance, which would help them retain compensation.

Landlords are responsible for providing safe properties and to maintain common areas. Landlords also have to make repairs in a timely manner once they’re brought up by a tenant, especially if they’re a hazard.

If you are hurt because a building wasn’t up to code or because of faulty electrical circuits, you may have a premises liability claim that you can file against your landlord. It is your right to live in a safe environment and to get the medical care you need if you’re hurt.