An alleged East Meadow drug dealer is arrested for heroin deaths

| Feb 5, 2019 | criminal defense

The Nassau County Police Department (NCPD) arrested a suspected Long Island drug dealer at the Extended Stay Hotel, located along South Oyster Bay Road in Bethpage on Jan. 26.

A spokesperson for NCPD notes that they suspect that the East Meadow resident sold a lethal amount of heroin that was used by two victims they before they died from fatal overdoses during the past few months. The most recent death that he’s been connected to occurred on Jan. 26 in Oceanside. The earlier one happened on Oct. 4, 2018, in Plainview.

After taking the defendant into custody at the Extended Stay Hotel, they searched his room. Officers reportedly found a stash of 10 Methadone, 2 Xanax and 16 Roxicodone pills. They also found 10 grams of cocaine, 16 Suboxone strips and a staggering 228 bags of heroin.

At the time of his booking into jail, the prison roster showed that he’d been charged with one count each of third-degree possession and sale of a controlled substance. He’d also been booked in jail for two seventh-degree possession of a controlled substance offenses.

He was slated to make his first appearance in Hempstead in First District Court on Jan. 28. It’s unclear when his next hearing is scheduled for.

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