Syracuse basketball coach involved in deadly accident

| Feb 25, 2019 | Car Accidents

The head basketball coach for Syracuse University’s men’s basketball team was recently involved in a deadly accident. At a recent game, the fans held a moment of silence in honor of the man who was killed in the tragic wreck on Feb. 20.

Though the event is still being investigated, it appears that a 51-year-old victim was riding in a car on Interstate 600 when it lost control and smashed into the guardrail. After the car came to a stop, the man got out of the vehicle. That’s when the car that the coach was driving ran into him and killed him.

“First and foremost, to the the…family, I want them to know how truly devastated I am for my involvement in the loss of their loved one,” the coach said in a statement. “This is something that will be with me for the rest of my life. There’s nothing like this when a human life is lost and you are there. I can’t describe it to you.”

He was able to coach the next game, and he said that he did it out of obligation to his players. He wanted them to know that the accident had impacted him and that he did not expect the emotional weight of that crash to get better soon.

When a loved one dies in an accident, it is important for the family to know if they have a right to compensation for lost wages, funeral costs, medical bills and much more. This is a trying time, and the last thing family members need in any deadly accident case is a financial burden to make the whole situation even more difficult.