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March 2019 Archives

Beware of rainy pavement when riding a motorcycle

Motorcycle riding is a fun activity during the warmer months of the year. One thing that all riders must be vigilant about is riding in the rain. The risk of riding on slick pavement is great for all vehicles, but it is even more dangerous for motorcyclists. It is imperative for riders to handle riding in these conditions appropriately, so they can remain as safe as possible.

Know the damages to claim after a premises liability incident

A premises liability claim can help you recover financial damages that you experienced if you were injured at a place of business. These cases must be taken seriously and should be started soon after the injury occurs so that the case doesn't proscribe. We know that it is hard tocontemplate bearing the sole financial burden after an accident on a negligent owner's property, so we want to help you recover what is due to you.

Why are distractions so dangerous while driving?

Distracted drivers put themselves and everyone around them in grave danger. This isn't something that should ever be considered normal or acceptable. As time progresses and new technology becomes available, the possible distractions increase. Unfortunately, drivers sometimes don't take the precautions necessary to ensure that they aren't being distracted.

Get ready for your spring motorcycle riding

Even though the weather is still cold here, spring is just around the corner. Now is the time that motorcyclists should get their bike ready for the beautiful rides that come with the new season. This means that you need to check tire pressure, lights and brakes to ensure that you can ride safely. It is also a good time to brush up on the basic riding skills that can help you as you venture around.

Wood beam nearly impales man, strikes arm instead

When most people think of premises liability cases, they think of things like people falling in parking lots or slipping on icy sidewalks. One man's recent encounter underneath the 7 train line is a stark reminder that there are also other situations that might occur.