Get ready for your spring motorcycle riding

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2019 | Motorcycle Accidents

Even though the weather is still cold here, spring is just around the corner. Now is the time that motorcyclists should get their bike ready for the beautiful rides that come with the new season. This means that you need to check tire pressure, lights and brakes to ensure that you can ride safely. It is also a good time to brush up on the basic riding skills that can help you as you venture around.

One thing that you need to be especially vigilant about during the spring is watching for other drivers. Many people have gone the entire winter without seeing motorcycles. They might not be watching for you. This puts all motorcyclists in danger because other motorists might impede on the motorcycle’s right of way. This is a factor in around two-thirds of crashes that involve another vehicle and a motorcycle.

Another thing to watch for is water on the roadway. The accumulation of vehicle fluids can make the roadway extra slick when it starts to rain. There is a chance that you will lose control of the motorcycle if this happens. While it is unlikely that other vehicles will lose control, it is possible that one might and slam into you.

We know that you are probably ready to get out on the open road again. If something happens, and you are struck by another vehicle, you will likely need to seek out medical care. These accidents can cause very serious injuries that require considerable time to heal. You might opt to seek compensation from the driver who struck you so that you can minimize the financial impact you have to face.