Know the damages to claim after a premises liability incident

| Mar 22, 2019 | Premises Liability

A premises liability claim can help you recover financial damages that you experienced if you were injured at a place of business. These cases must be taken seriously and should be started soon after the injury occurs so that the case doesn’t proscribe. We know that it is hard tocontemplate bearing the sole financial burden after an accident on a negligent owner’s property, so we want to help you recover what is due to you.

There are several categories of damages that you might claim. Some are more common than others. One of the most common is for the medical expenses related to the injury. This should cover all the bills that you already have, as well as ones you might receive in the future. As long as the care is related to the crash, it should be compensable.

You may need to include funds for subrogation, which means the insurance company claims its part of any award you receive. This is to pay it back for any money that it spent on your care.

Additionally, think about lost wages if you aren’t able to go right back to work. This aspect of your case is determined by what your normal wages were. We can use paycheck stubs and similar information to arrive at an accurate figure to claim.

If you are married, your spouse may be eligible to make a claim for loss of consortium. Your case needs to be comprehensive so that it accurately represents your losses. Remember that you can’t come back later and seek more money so what you receive as part of this case is likely all you will receive.