Study says crash risks rise dramatically with lost sleep

| Mar 10, 2019 | Car Accidents

A recent study underscores something we have known for some time: Drowsy drivers are a risk on New York’s roads. What people may not have realized is just how bad it is or how their lifestyle may contribute to constant risks.

After all, people often brag about putting in 80-hour workweeks, showing how dedicated they are to their careers. How much they work is up to them, but there is a point where they may not have enough time left in the day to sleep when you also factor in social lives and transportation.

Per the reports, drivers need to sleep for a minimum of seven hours every night. If you’ve gotten used to toughing it out on five or six hours, while you may think it’s healthy, the reality is that your ability to drive is massively decreased.

The reports go on to make this very clear, saying that even a single hour missed makes an accident more likely than it would be on a full night of sleep. If you miss two hours in one night, the odds of an accident almost double.

How many people do this, despite the risks? When asked about drowsy driving over the past 30 days, about three out of every 10 drivers said that they’d done it. That means that about 30 percent of the drivers on the road around you are too tired to be safe at any given moment.

If one of those drivers hits you, and you end up with lost wages, high medical bills and other costs, you may be able to seek financial compensation.