Truck and car collide, then vehicle slams into house

| Mar 26, 2019 | Car Accidents

A recent car accident in New York may have started on the street, but it did not end there. One of the vehicles left the roadway and slammed into a nearby home while the family members who lived there were still inside.

Per reports, the accident happened on Friday, March 22. A large work truck and a passenger car hit one another, leading to injuries for the car’s driver and both the driver and passenger in the truck.

Perhaps fortunately for those in the house, it was the smaller car that left the roadway and slammed into the residence. It went through the wall in a shower of debris, careening into the downstairs living room. Meanwhile, the work truck hit a utility pole, leaving it with a mangled front end.

One man claimed his brother was at the house, in the very room that got hit. They were working to turn it into a playroom for his nephew and his niece. He was apparently covered in rubble after the wreck, but his family members ran to his aid and pulled him out. He also suffered injuries in the crash, along with those in the vehicles.

According to interviews with neighbors, drivers often go too fast on the curvy road. That said, the police are still investigating the crash to see why it took place. Meanwhile, the family who owns the home is thinking of putting up a heavy fence for safety.

Car accidents do not just endanger those on the road, and it is important for anyone who gets hurt in a crash to know exactly what legal rights they may have to financial compensation.