Wood beam nearly impales man, strikes arm instead

| Mar 1, 2019 | Premises Liability

When most people think of premises liability cases, they think of things like people falling in parking lots or slipping on icy sidewalks. One man’s recent encounter underneath the 7 train line is a stark reminder that there are also other situations that might occur.

A man was in his vehicle when a wooden beam fell from the subway platform. It pierced his window, but he wasn’t impaled. It missed him by mere inches. He noted that he wasn’t hurt and was happy that he didn’t have a passenger in his vehicle. As an Uber driver, he frequently had others in his SUV.

Despite his assertion that he wasn’t injured, part of the beam struck his arm and he was sprayed with the shattered glass. The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) is looking into the situation and promises a full investigation into what happened to lead to this nearly tragic situation.

The preliminary investigation notes that the wooden beam might have been from a supply platform that was installed beneath the tracks. A crew was removing the other wood beams that were being stored under the tracks. The remainder of the 7 line is being evaluated. Other elevated structures will also be inspected.

People who suffer injuries in incidents like this might wonder what they can do. In some cases, they can file a claim for compensation. There isn’t any reason for an innocent victim to have to cover the economic costs of this type of situation. It isn’t always easy to go up against a government entity or company that should be held liable, but it is possible to do so and come out with the compensation you deserve.