Man from the Bronx indicted for identity theft

| Apr 12, 2019 | criminal defense

White collar crimes are often thought of as crimes without victims because they’re not violent and those committing the acts don’t see who they affect. The assumption that no one suffers is wrong, though, especially in cases where a person has their identity stolen or their bank accounts emptied.

In an interesting news article, a man from the Bronx was arraigned for identity theft. The 35-year-old man was accused of stealing a person’s identity and attempting to steal from their bank account using their identity.

A grand jury indicted the man on several charges. Some of the charges included:

  • A felony for first-degree theft
  • Two felony counts for possessing forged instruments
  • A misdemeanor for second-degree criminal impersonation
  • Felony third-degree grand larceny

The authorities reported that the man had gone to Webster Bank in New Rochelle with a fake Connecticut state license that had his photo but the victim’s identifying information. He also had in his possession an allegedly forged withdrawal slip with the victim’s signature. This document also had the alleged victim’s checking account number.

He was not successful in his attempt to withdraw $6,000 from the bank, and he was arrested. Now, he will face penalties if he is convicted.

If you steal someone’s identity and get caught, you could be in deep trouble with the law. It is important that you have someone on your side who can protect you against unfair bias and make sure you’re treated fairly during trial. Your freedom could be at risk, so it’s vital that you take steps to protect yourself before trial.