Slip and falls can happen in spring and summer months

| Apr 10, 2019 | Premises Liability

Many people think that walking around is perfectly safe during the warmer months of the year since there isn’t any snow or ice. The issue during the spring, summer and fall months is that you have to contend with rain. This can be a very serious issue because it makes the ground slick, but it might not appear to be. We realize that slip and falls that happen like this can be traumatic.

When it rains, especially when it first starts, the rain mixes with fluids that are on the sidewalks and roads. Even in crosswalks, you have to be careful because there is a chance that there are things like antifreeze, brake fluid and similar substances on the roads. When the water mixes with them, they can get very slick. This is a slip hazard for pedestrians, which can be very dangerous.

Another issue that they might have to deal with is that the water on people’s shoes makes entryways into businesses slippery. Business owners have to take steps to ensure that the floors are dry so that customers don’t fall when they come into an establishment. This means using mats and fans, but it can also involve warning customers with wet floor signs.

When a person slips or trips and falls, they can suffer from serious injuries. These can range from broken bones to spinal cord injuries, depending on the circumstances of the incident. You have to think about all of these factors, as well as the financial costs of the injury when you decide whether to seek compensation or not. We are here to help you get your case moving forward.