What really makes a pit bull dangerous

| Apr 4, 2019 | personal injury

You have probably heard plenty of stories about how dangerous pit bulls are. It comes up in the news all the time.

However, those who love and raise pit bulls often talk about how they are friendly, loyal dogs when raised properly. They say it is not any inherent personality flaws that make them dangerous. Why, then, are they involved in so many serious — and even fatal — attacks?

The real reason is that a pit bull can simply inflict far more damage than another breed of dog when it does decide to attack. Even if pit bulls did attack people at the same rate as all other breeds, they may cause more serious injuries than those breeds, making them show up more often in news reports and fatality statistics.

Part of it is the strength and size of these dogs. They’re incredibly powerful. Their raw strength makes them very dangerous to children and adults alike.

On top of that, these dogs were historically bred for fighting in many cases. When they bite, they have a biting style often referred to as the “hold and shake.” They may refuse to let go. Another dog may simply snap and then back off, but a pit bull that starts shaking can cause serious muscle and bone damage even after the initial bite. In many cases, these injuries lead to permanent disfigurement and even disability.

If you or one of your children gets attacked by a dog, no matter what breed it is, you need to know how to seek compensation for your injuries, medical bills, lost wages and other costs.