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May 2019 Archives

Attractive nuisances: Protect children from unnecessary harm

There are many hazards that can be present on private property. With the summer months coming up, homeowners need to ensure they have everything secured on their property so that nobody, especially children, are harmed. One thing that must be addressed is the security of swimming pools and other bodies of water.

Highways are dangerous places for accidents

A crash on the highway is one that is likely going to be serious because of the higher speeds that cars travel on these roads. For the victims of these wrecks, the injuries can be debilitating. It is imperative that they take the time to get the medical care they need right away. Failing to do this can lead to the worsening of the injury.

Landlords should upkeep their properties appropriately

Landlords in New York have to ensure that they are meeting certain responsibilities. When they don't, there is a chance that their tenants and visitors to their properties might suffer harm. Unfortunately, some landlords choose to prey on tenants due to the difficulty of finding rentals in the city. Legal action is sometimes necessary to combat these conditions.

Tips to remain safe when riding a through an intersection

Anyone who has been out on a motorcycle probably realizes that there are some very serious risks that come along with this form of transportation. One of the most serious of these is having to ride through intersections. While you can't control the actions of motorists who are also driving through these, there are some options that you have that could make it easier for others to spot you as you ride.

Rain can spell danger for customers walking into businesses

You might think that the risk of slip-and-fall accidents is over now that the snow has gone, but this isn't the case. Now, people who are walking about have to worry about water on the sidewalks and other surfaces. This might not seem like a huge ordeal, but it can be very dangerous when that water is trekked onto slick surfaces like the entrance of a business.