Attractive nuisances: Protect children from unnecessary harm

| May 31, 2019 | Premises Liability

There are many hazards that can be present on private property. With the summer months coming up, homeowners need to ensure they have everything secured on their property so that nobody, especially children, are harmed. One thing that must be addressed is the security of swimming pools and other bodies of water.

The concept of an attractive nuisance can arise in these cases. The laws of New York assume that children don’t have the same understanding of danger as adults have. Therefore, they can’t be expected to avoid things that look appealing but are actually hazardous to them.

This doesn’t meant hat property owners have to completely childproof their property. Instead, it means that if there is reason to believe that kids will venture onto the property, steps must be taken to prevent them from harm. In the case of a swimming pool or pond, this could mean simply putting up a fence and gate, which are required by law in some cases.

Property owners must learn which laws apply to their situations so they can get and remain in compliance of all relevant regulations. It only takes a moment for something to lure a child into danger, so this must be taken into consideration when determining the measures you will need to secure your property.

Parents whose children were injured because of an attractive nuisance should seek medical care for their children’s injuries. They might also choose to pursue a claim for compensation to help cover the child’s medical expenses due to the accident. You might even claim damages for the wages you miss while you are caring for your child.