Landlords should upkeep their properties appropriately

| May 17, 2019 | Premises Liability

Landlords in New York have to ensure that they are meeting certain responsibilities. When they don’t, there is a chance that their tenants and visitors to their properties might suffer harm. Unfortunately, some landlords choose to prey on tenants due to the difficulty of finding rentals in the city. Legal action is sometimes necessary to combat these conditions.

What many people don’t realize is that it might be possible to hold landlords accountable if someone is injured on their property due to negligence on their part. This might include factors like failing to repair handrails that have been reported as broken or unstable, or failing to fix a known leak that is leading to slick spots on the walkway.

If you are injured because of your landlord’s negligence, we can work with you to evaluate the conditions. This gives us an idea of how we can proceed with the case. Seeking compensation sends a clear message that you aren’t willing to deal with the landlord’s behavior any longer. It also gives you a chance to try to shift the financial liability to the landlord.

You might have a lot of financial obligations because of the accident. This might be an influx in medical bills, but it goes beyond that. There is a chance that you might also have a decrease in income or have a sudden increase in personal care costs because you may need help handling daily tasks. We are here to help you prepare the case so we can show the correlation between the landlord’s lack of action, your injuries and the damages you have.