Rain can spell danger for customers walking into businesses

| May 3, 2019 | Premises Liability

You might think that the risk of slip-and-fall accidents is over now that the snow has gone, but this isn’t the case. Now, people who are walking about have to worry about water on the sidewalks and other surfaces. This might not seem like a huge ordeal, but it can be very dangerous when that water is trekked onto slick surfaces like the entrance of a business.

Water on those surfaces can lead to a person slipping when they come into the building. The company owners should take the time to plan for how this situation will be addressed. This can be through the use of mats and fans, but it probably also needs to include wet floor signs. We know that not all business owners put the effort they should into ensuring that customers are safe.

When you are the customer who walks into the building and slips, your top priority is to get medical care for the injuries you suffered. Once you do that, you can explore your options for compensation. One of these is that you can file a claim in the civil court system. The goal of this is to remove the financial liability for the accident from you and place it on the business.

Your claim for compensation must have several elements, including showing that the company’s negligence led to the accident that caused your injuries. We can help you put this case together so you can get things moving forward. There isn’t any reason why you should be the one who has to cope with the financial impacts that come with this type of issue.