Truck accidents often injure or kill other drivers

| May 2, 2019 | personal injury

When truck accidents happen, it’s usually not the truck drivers who are in danger. It’s other drivers and passengers on the road around them.

For instance, the statistics show that 4,102 people passed away in 2017 in accidents that involved large trucks. A mere 17% of those who died were riding in or driving the trucks. That’s just slightly more than the number of motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians who passed away, at 14%. It’s far less than the number of people who died in other passenger cars, which clocked in at 68%.

In many other types of car crashes, the odds are fairly equal for people in both vehicles. In semi crashes, regardless of who causes the accident, it is clear that the vast majority of the danger falls on those who are in passenger cars.

It’s not hard to understand why. A semitruck is taller than a passenger vehicle and far heavier. That means that it hits the passenger car in the cabin, not the frame and that it brings far more mass to the collision. A passenger vehicle may have a high crash safety rating if it gets into an accident with another car of the same size, but it is simply too small to properly protect people when hit by a semi.

You have no choice but to share the road with semitrucks; they move goods and materials all over the country and form a key part of the economy. What you do have, though, is a right to know your legal options if a truck driver causes an accident and injures you.