Alleged drunk driver hits family, causing multiple deaths

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2019 | Car Accidents

A man in New York has been accused of driving his pickup truck while under the influence, running a stop sign and hitting a minivan with a family inside. The tragic crash took multiple lives and some family members remain hospitalized.

The driver who apparently caused the accident is 20 years old. He was behind the wheel of a Dodge Ram 2500, which is a large pickup truck. He was arrested after the deadly crash and is still in jail at this time.

Three people died in the accident. One of them was just four years old. That child’s cousin, another four-year-old girl, is still in critical condition after a head injury. She’s in an intensive care unit. Even if she survives, she may have life-altering injuries.

The crash was so violent that multiple people were thrown right out of the minivan during the impact. Police think six or maybe even seven people ended up getting ejected. Pictures from the scene show the black van lying on its side with debris scattered all around. The front window is broken, the hood is missing and there is massive damage to the entire vehicle.

The alleged drunk driver, whose father is a police officer, apparently had a fake ID. That’s how he bought alcohol, despite being underage, and then he went to a bonfire. He was going home after the bonfire when he ran the stop sign and hit the van.

This story shows how a drunk driver can take lives and change a family’s future in a split second. It’s important for those involved in these accidents to know their legal rights.