DUI/DWI faced by erratic driver

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2019 | dui/dwi

Many things can draw the attention of authorities to instances of potential criminal activity. In cases of DUI/DWI incidents, authorities will, of course, investigate if there is an accident where they can apprehend the person said to be at fault at the scene, or where they can secure enough information to chase down a hit-and-run driver. However, there doesn’t need to be an accident for authorities to investigate a potential DUI/DWI incident.

Authorities are often called if a vehicle is being driven in an erratic or otherwise unsafe manner. That was the case recently, when a New York motorist reported an erratic driver of another vehicle. Police officers rushed to the scene, Route 25 in Mattituck, and observed that the driver was going back and forth onto the roadway shoulder multiple times. The police officers quickly deduced that this was unsafe behavior, conferred to determine the best response and decided to stop the vehicle.

The driver, according to authorities, was intoxicated and his erratic driving was, therefore, attributed to that intoxication. He was arrested and taken to police headquarters. There, he was processed and held while waiting arraignment. The charges he faces include aggravated DWI, failure to use the designated lane, drinking alcohol while in a motor vehicle on the highway and driving without a license.

Drivers accused of these and similar offenses will want to have their attorney review each charge individually in order to determine how each should be addressed. Many things play into how each charge is addressed, such as the presence or absence of related offenses, and whether or not any personal injuries or property damage occurred due to the actions of the individual facing the charges.