Former Jets star arrested on DUI charges

| Jun 8, 2019 | dui/dwi

Muhammad Wilkerson was an instant starter when he joined the New York Jets in 2011, and he quickly became a star in his seven seasons with the team. He left last season and joined the Green Bay Packers, but he only played in three games due to injury. He’s now a free agent, and some believe he’s one of the best left on the market this summer.

That said, he may have trouble finding a new team, as he was picked up earlier this month on drunk driving charges.

Per reports, the arrest happened at approximately 3:40 a.m. on June 1. Police allegedly saw him run a stop sign in his car and pulled him over. They suspected that he may have been intoxicated upon speaking with him and asked him if he had been drinking. The 6-foot-4, 315-pound defensive lineman said he had consumed two beers and one shot.

When police gave him a breath test, though, they said that it came back at .09% for his BAC (blood alcohol content). The legal limit is .08%, so they arrested him.

You often hear about all of the different ways that a DUI conviction can impact your career, and that’s true for anyone. It can make it harder to get to work, you may miss time from work and you could even get fired from some positions.

For a celebrity in such a high-profile career, the impact could be even more serious. That’s especially true as he is actively looking for that next contract.

It’s important for anyone who has been arrested on DUI charges, in any career, to know what legal defense options they have.