Why do people avoid responsibility?

| Jun 18, 2019 | Car Accidents

You get into a car accident. You know instantly that it was the other driver’s fault. You have the dash camera footage to back that up. All the same, the other driver gets out and blames you for the crash. They act irate and threaten to call the police.

Of course, you already called the police because you know that’s a good step to take after a crash, so you’re not threatened. What you do find yourself wondering, though, is how they can possibly be so afraid to take responsibility for their actions that they’ll blame you for a crash that they clearly caused.

Now, it could be a misunderstanding. Many people don’t actually know the rules of the road as well as they should, and that driver could honestly think that the crash was your fault.

However, it could also be that they have a personality trait that keeps them from taking responsibility for anything that they do wrong. There are people who one psychologist says have responsibility deficit disorder. Though that’s not an official term, she says that it applies to those who always show up late, who forget to keep their appointments, who don’t pay their bills on time and who make rash decisions.

In short, they act like this every day. In the high stress of a car accident, even if they are clearly at fault, they’re probably just going to naturally react that way.

On your end, you need to make sure you understand all of the legal options you have, especially if you think they’re going to try to blame you for a crash and injuries you didn’t cause.