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July 2019 Archives

Failure to wear a seat belt might impact a claim for compensation

Do you put your seat belt on each time you get into a vehicle? If your answer isn't a resounding "Yes!," there is a chance that you might be setting yourself up for a tough legal battle if you are struck by another driver and injured. This is because the person who you file the lawsuit against might opt to use the seat belt defense in the case.

The first steps to take after a New York car accident

Being involved or being a witness to a car accident can be traumatic and upsetting. While all of us know that car accidents are unfortunately a common incident in modern life, we will never be fully prepared to deal with the situation when we are at the scene.

Cutting the grass? Remember motorcycle safety is everyone's job

Motorcyclists have quite a few things that they have to watch for when they are on the road. One thing that many people might not think of is watching for people who are mowing grass. Unfortunately, people who are cutting the lawn could be unknowingly placing all motorcyclists in danger.

What procedures must the police follow when making an arrest?

Police officers have the difficult responsibilities of keeping people safe and maintaining order. This unfortunately means that they commonly have to arrest citizens who break the law. Officers cannot simply arrest people because they feel like it though. They must follow specific rules and procedure to make a legal arrest.

Outdoor hazards exist even during the summer months

You might think of slip-and-fall accidents as only occurring when there is snow or ice on the ground, but this is a big misconception. Even in the heat of summer, it is possible for someone to slip or trip and fall outdoors. There are several reasons that this can occur, so you should be prepared for them all if you are going to walk around.

Women suffer more personal injuries than men

There are many different kinds of motor vehicle accidents in New York. They can be caused by drivers who are overtired, careless or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They can also be caused by mechanical difficulties, road damage or weather conditions. Regardless of the cause, most motor vehicle accidents result in personal injuries.

Reality star arrested for DWI after driving with missing wheel

Residents of Long Island and other areas of New York know that there a lot of bars, clubs and other sources of alcohol. A lot of people frequent those places and make doing so a key part of their social routine. However, the key thing is to make sure that when they do, they don't operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. If they do, they can face a charge of driving under the influence, which is typically referred to as a DUI.

Motorcyclists must take appropriate safety precautions

Riding a motorcycle is a nice way to spend time outdoors. For many people, time in nature is almost therapeutic. During this time, it is imperative for the rider to take appropriate safety precautions since this will have a direct impact on whether they get to their destination without incident or not.