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Cutting the grass? Remember motorcycle safety is everyone's job

Motorcyclists have quite a few things that they have to watch for when they are on the road. One thing that many people might not think of is watching for people who are mowing grass. Unfortunately, people who are cutting the lawn could be unknowingly placing all motorcyclists in danger.

Hitting blown clippings on a motorcycle is just like trying to drive on an ice slick. The grass can become impacted in the wheel of the motorcycle, which can lead to the tread of the tires being unable to grip the ground like they should. The motorcyclist might not be able to keep control of the motorcycle even if they are keeping the speed consistent and not faltering with the steering.

People who are cutting grass are the first line of defense against this from happening. They can choose to blow the clippings toward the interior of the yard instead of blowing it toward the road. They can also avoid using a blower to blow off the sidewalks.

There is also a chance that a motorcyclist will fall off the bike and suffer a serious injury. It is also possible that other vehicles might not see the motorcycle and slam right into them. This can also lead to catastrophic injuries.

Motorcyclists who do have to seek out medical care after a wreck often have a costly endeavor. When another person is liable for the crash, they might opt to seek compensation from that party. This could reduce the financial burden that the motorcyclist has, but this must be done quickly because of the time limits in these cases.

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