Make a claim if you’re injured on another person’s property

| Jul 19, 2019 | Premises Liability

When you walk onto another person’s property, you should immediately know that they’re responsible for making sure their property is safe. Even if you’re trespassing, there shouldn’t be obvious hazards present.

When you’re a guest on a property, the property owner’s duty of care increases. They have to do all they can to make sure you’re safe from the moment you step onto the property until you leave. If there are hazards that result in injuries, then you can, and should, file a claim.

Will a homeowner’s insurance policy cover my injuries?

Sometimes, people don’t want to file a claim because their injuries happened on a friend’s property or at a family member’s home. Remember, most people have homeowner’s insurance that will cover the injuries you’ve suffered. For example, if you fall and hit your head on a driveway due to a slippery surface, the homeowner’s insurance policy may cover your medical care.

Keep in mind that accidents and negligence are different. A simple accident may have a restricted payout, and the insurance adjuster will investigate to determine if the situation involved negligence or was simply an accident.

Negligence leads to higher payouts. Slipping on ice during a snow storm, for instance, would likely be an accident. Slipping on ice on a nice day simply because a business owner didn’t salt the walkway may be considered negligence.

If you need to make a claim due to injury, you can start by talking to the property owner. Your attorney can also help you reach out, so you can start a claim.