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Never ride a motorcycle faster than you can see

Whether you are a brand-new rider or an experienced rider, odds are you have been thinking about just how fast you can ride your motorcycle. Maybe the thrill of riding quickly is part of why you bought the bike in the first place.

To stay safe, you never want to ride faster than you can see. What this means is that you should always feel confident that you can go from your full speed to a complete stop in the amount of road that you can see out in front of the bike.

It sounds obvious, and you'll probably never go faster than you can see on a straightaway, but it does get tricky on corners. You know that the road wraps around that corner in front of you. Sure, you can't see the pavement, but you're confident that you can use it to stop if needed.

The trouble is that you can't know what that stretch of roadway looks like. What if you swing around the corner and find loose gravel on the road? That's what happened to one man, and he crashed and broke his wrist because he couldn't avoid it. What if you come around the corner at what you think is a safe speed and find another accident hidden around the bend, with two cars sitting in the street? That's not the type of surprise you want on a motorcycle.

Riding in a safe, controlled fashion can keep you safe, but remember that other drivers can still cause accidents. If they do, you may need to seek compensation for your medical bills and related costs.

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