Women suffer more personal injuries than men

| Jul 11, 2019 | personal injury

There are many different kinds of motor vehicle accidents in New York. They can be caused by drivers who are overtired, careless or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They can also be caused by mechanical difficulties, road damage or weather conditions. Regardless of the cause, most motor vehicle accidents result in personal injuries.

Interesting research indicates that, especially when the motor vehicle accident is a frontal car crash, women are more likely than men to suffer personal injuries. The research says that seat belt-wearing female occupants of frontal car crashes are 73 percent more likely than seat belt-wearing male occupants of frontal car crashes. This proved to be the case even though the research was controlled for occupant age, collision severity, body mass index, stature and vehicle model year.

The research conducted by a team of professionals at the University of Virginia did not conclusively determine why this is the case. The research was published in a journal called Traffic Injury Prevention and is based on data that was compiled between 1998 and 2015 from police reports of crashes in the United States. Overall, there were almost 25,000 frontal car crashes included in the data.

Those crashes involved over 31,000 occupants, all of whom were 13 and over and were wearing seat belts at the time. There was an approximately equal number of males and females among the 31,000 individuals.

Naturally, both males and females should take every possible safety precaution when traveling in a motor vehicle. Women, like men, will want to check everything from seat belts to air bags to mechanical factors with their vehicles and road conditions in order to ensure that they are safe. Taking all of those precautions can result in fewer personal injuries.