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August 2019 Archives

Why choose a criminal defense attorney?

Criminal defense options may be limited depending on the case, but as someone who faces significant charges, you want to make sure you take advantage of anything that could help. While many people believe that explaining themselves or staying quiet will help them walk free, the reality is that you need to have the guidance of someone who understands the legal system and how best to protect you.

Infuriating cause of motorcycle crashes

Motorcycle accidents are often much worse than what would happen in the same conditions if two cars were involved. It is easy to understand why when you look at the design of motorcycles. There is nothing that is between the vehicle that strikes it and its rider. This puts the occupants of the motorcycle at increased risks for injuries.

Traumatic amputations are damaging to your finances

The way that a car accident impacts your body depends on the specifics of the accident. One thing that might happen is that a body part becomes entrapped by the wreckage of the vehicle. This can sometimes lead to a traumatic amputation, which means that it occurred in an uncontrolled environment.

5 people, 1 dog die in pile-up crash in Long Island

A man who caused a fatal collision is facing serious penalties after it was found that the vehicle was stolen and being driven at speeds of over 154 mph when his vehicle hit a family's Mazda. The speed limit on the roadway was only 40 mph, and the accident resulted in a pile-up crash involving an oil truck, an Infinity, the Mazda and the driver's Camaro.

Have memory issues? You could have a traumatic brain injury

You get involved in a motorcycle accident. You wear a helmet, you never break a single traffic law, and you take all the precautions you can. You still can't avoid a crash when another driver pulls out of a driveway in front of you. You hit the side of the car, hit your head on the hood, and fall into the street.

Debris on floors presents serious hazards for customers

Customers who venture into stores are often focused on the goods that are being offered. They likely aren't watching their feet as they walk around. For this reason, stores must ensure that they are keeping the floors free of debris. It takes more than just a quick sweep to make sure that this is done.