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5 people, 1 dog die in pile-up crash in Long Island

A man who caused a fatal collision is facing serious penalties after it was found that the vehicle was stolen and being driven at speeds of over 154 mph when his vehicle hit a family's Mazda. The speed limit on the roadway was only 40 mph, and the accident resulted in a pile-up crash involving an oil truck, an Infinity, the Mazda and the driver's Camaro.

Inside the Mazda, all of the passengers, ages 55, 36, 33 and 42, burned to death when their vehicle caught on fire. A passenger and dog in the Camaro were thrown from the vehicle. It was a horrible collision, and it was made worse when the driver allegedly lied to the police and said he was not driving at the time of the crash.

About a year after the wreck, the driver pleaded guilty. Now, the driver of the oil truck is still recovering, and the other victims have been laid to rest. The driver of the Camaro took a plea deal for 27 years in prison, which he nearly disrupted by trying to withdraw his plea at the last moment.

In this situation, there were many people who lost their lives, and one is still recovering from injuries. It's believed that the driver was high at the time of the collision, and his recklessness resulted in decades behind bars.

If you're involved in a crash like this, know that you can fight for compensation. Drivers who have no consideration for others on the roads should be held accountable for their actions to the full extent of the law.

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