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September 2019 Archives

Swift medical care is beneficial after a motorcycle crash

Motorcycle crashes can cause significant injuries and fatalities to the biker. One of the best things that a motorcyclist can do is wear a helmet. This helps to protect the brain if there is a crash. Wearing a helmet is 67% effective for preventing a severe brain injury and 29% effective in preventing a fatal head injury.

Tailgaters can be aggressive or ignorant

You usually think of tailgaters as aggressive drivers. They're trying to push you to go faster, or they're getting so close in order to pass that they're risking an accident. They may even be tailgating because they're mad at you for something they think you did wrong -- whether you made any real driving mistakes or not.

Can you be fined for DUIs or breath test refusals?

Driving drunk is something that the majority of people know you shouldn't do. Sometimes, though, inhibitions lower, and people believe that driving home isn't that big of a deal. You might only be a few blocks away from home, but in that short distance, there is a chance of being stopped for a DUI.

Helmets are always important to keep motorcyclists safe

Anyone who rides a motorcycle in New York, whether they are a passenger or the driver, must wear a helmet. This universal law is troubling to some adult motorcyclists who claim that they should be able to forego the helmet if they want; however, you can't deny the safety benefits that this single piece of gear brings.

Whose fault was that slip-and-fall?

You're walking through the local grocery store, pushing your cart, when you suddenly feel your feet slipping out from under you. You try to catch yourself on the cart, but it just makes things worse. As the cart rolls away from you, you crash to the ground and fracture your hip.

Crash reconstruction is complex, but can be useful

Some car accidents are so serious that the police officers who respond contact a crash reconstruction team, so they can find out what happened. This is often the case when there is a fatality in the wreck. One thing that people don't realize is just how much work goes into trying to determine what happened.

Autumn hazards for NYC construction workers

Summer may be the prime season for construction around the nation, but in a state like New York, work sites don’t really slow down that much when a new season arrives. Many contractors are far from finished with their projects as the leaves change colors and the sun continues to go down earlier in the evening.