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Autumn hazards for NYC construction workers

Summer may be the prime season for construction around the nation, but in a state like New York, work sites don’t really slow down that much when a new season arrives. Many contractors are far from finished with their projects as the leaves change colors and the sun continues to go down earlier in the evening.

Even though summer is one of the most dangerous times of the year to be a construction worker, fall isn’t without its share of unique seasonal hazards. It is important to be aware of the upcoming changes so workers can properly adjust their habits for their new working conditions.

Gusty days

Contractors should expect the wind to start picking up soon during their shifts. This can throw off their balance and make it dangerous to stand on certain structures or operate large machines such as cranes. Not only should workers review safety measures for when they should and should not work during days with heavy winds, but they need to know how to properly safeguard the equipment when it is not in use. Earlier this year, a construction company was issued four safety violations for not safeguarding their scaffolding in Brooklyn during a windy day, resulting in the injuries of three pedestrians.

Student drivers

Those who are working on projects on the streets need to watch out if they operate near a school or college. Many students are driving to class for the first time in New York and are still getting used to their commutes. They may be inexperienced with driving through New York’s chaotic streets and construction zones or even operating a vehicle in general. Workers should keep a close eye out for suspicious driving behaviors during the morning when the students are on their way to class.

Sudden temperature drops

Autumn can be a very unpredictable season with its weather. While you know the temperatures will slowly decrease as we get closer to winter, you’ll never know if we’ll end up with snowy days in October. Workers who aren’t prepared for cold weather in New York could be at risk of developing conditions such as hypothermia. Even if the temperatures aren’t too close to freezing levels, it can be difficult to operate with shivering hands and a false sense of hydration. Make sure you have coats, hats and gloves ready in your closet as you continue to check the forecast daily.

If you suffer a work injury at your site despite your precautions, contact a local attorney to see what legal options for recovery are available.

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